My name is Wally Sparks and am running for the South Carolina Legislature in House District 1. I am married and have five children and four grandchildren. When you’re young, your parents determine where you live and grow up and many of you were blessed to be born in South Carolina. I however was born in Wisconsin while my wife was born in South Carolina. I am a retired Police Chief from Wisconsin and served 33 years in law enforcement. When I retired, I chose to move to the upstate of South Carolina and found my forever home. I love it here and, God willing, will live out the rest of my days in the great state of South Carolina.

My educational background includes an Associate Degree in Police Science from Gateway Technical College; a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Communication from Concordia University – Wisconsin 3.96 GPA; a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Cardinal Stritch University 4.0 GPA; a Graduate of Police Staff & Command from Northwestern University. I also served as an Adjunct College Instructor at Upper Iowa University for four years prior to moving to South Carolina

My entire career has been in public service and serving others. I was President of the Everest Area Optimist Club, Mentor in Big Brothers / Big Sisters, President of the North Central Chiefs of Police Association, Scout leader for a special needs cub scout and boy scout troop. (I am an Eagle Scout and have an autistic son). I served as a village trustee and then as a village president in the community I served in as Police Chief and have been involved in leadership roles at my previous church and at my current church in Oconee County.

I have been truly blessed by God to serve in the positions He has put me in and I know that God will lead me in this next chapter of my life. While I could relax in retirement, I know that God is not finished with me yet and I am called to use the gifts and talents He has provided to do His will. When I see where our country is headed, I cannot just stand by and complain. I know that I need to get involved to make sure our children and grandchildren inherit a brighter future than we are facing now.

What I Believe

I am Pro-God and Pro-Life. I believe in the sanctity of life, especially the unborn

Our rights and freedoms are given by God and assured through the Constitution and no government can restrict our rights

We need to fight against federal intrusion, support state’s rights and follow the will of “We the People”

  • Lower Taxes
  • Less Government
  • Term Limits at EVERY level of Government
  • No lifetime salaries or benefits for politicians beyond their terms in office as politics was never intended to be a career
  • No restrictions on our constitutional rights
  • The right to bear arms – Constitutional carry
  • We should support our military and law enforcement that protect our country and communities
  • That parents, not school boards, should make decisions for their children
  • That educational funds should follow the child, not the schools, so parents can have true school choice
  • That our current election system needs to be fixed before we can have any confidence in our electoral system
  • That every individual should have the right of medical privacy and self-determination for medical choices